10 Space-Saving Storage Ideas at Home

10 Space-Saving Storage Ideas at Home

Running out of space in your house is never easy, but there is definitely no need for you to sacrifice your home’s beauty. Here are 10 space-saving storage ideas that do not only maximize every little space in the house but also add an elegant, smart vibe around your home.

  1. Stair Drawers

One of the most common space-saving techniques in most homes today is the stair drawer idea. This can definitely max out every space in your house, especially under your stairs! It includes several drawers at different sizes that open on the side of the stairs. There, you can store and organize just about anything.

  1. Hanger Cupboard Doors

All your life, you’ve always thought that the only function of cupboard doors is merely for cover, hiding the things stored inside. They can actually have more functions other than just that. Nail some hooks on the inner side of the doors. Get your cooking and stirring utensils, those with hanging holes on their handles, and hang them on the hooks.

  1. Cupboard Side Storage

If you don’t quite like the previous idea, consider this as your second option.  Here, you’ll need to find some towel racks and hooks to nail onto the sides of your cupboards. This idea, however, isn’t so safe from annoying crawling creatures, so make sure you’ve already shooed them away.

  1. Rolling Pullout Mini-Pantry

If you’re the kind of person that can’t live without canned goods but can’t make space for their storage, this idea is heaven-sent for you. This rolling mini-pantry is designed with a slim fit that can be tucked into the tight space beside your fridge.

  1. Dishwasher Drawers

Dishwashers make washing dishes much easier. However, they take up so much space in the kitchen. Solve your problem with dishwasher drawers! They take up lesser space as compared to a standard dishwasher. You are able to not only save space but also to save power and water.

  1. Under-Cabinet Drawers

Have you noticed that little space under the cabinets in your kitchen? You can still put several horizontal cabinets in there!

  1. Ceiling Cabinets

If you already took the cabinets down to the floor, why not take them all the way up to the ceiling? Although ceiling cabinets aren’t that accessible in the top cupboards, they can still help store goods that aren’t used always. Taking the cabinets high up the ceiling can also help expand the space visually.

  1. Wall-Mounted Storage

If you’ve got wide space on the wall in your house, don’t just use it for some frames or a calendar. Use it to maximize space! Mount rows of racks, hooks, and other hanging tools for your utensils.

  1. Under-mount Sink

For smaller house with smaller space, use a smaller sink. It gives more workspace on the kitchen counter.

  1. Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are perfect for storage simply because of its double function feature for seating and for storage.