5 Home Exterior Design Ideas

5 Home Exterior Design Ideas

Along with the interior, the whole exterior of our homes should be adorned as well. After all, people initially see the outside of our abodes, so it is best that we keep it as pleasing to the eye as possible. Not only does this give off a great impression, but this also makes any owner proud of having built a worthwhile exterior that could reflect who they are.

If you are thinking about creating a look for the outer areas of the house, you need to consider that getting a theme or a particular design makes it so much more organized and well planned.

To give you an idea, here are 5 examples of exterior designs that you can use as a guide:

  • Cottage Exterior Design

Nothing could be warmer and more inviting to look at than a house with a picket fence, screened doors, and some charming bed of vibrant flowers. A cottage inspired look would take you to a place wherein every corner is cozy and brimming with wicker furnishings and ornaments. This is ideal for small houses with porches and dormer windows.

  • Contemporary Exterior Design

Simple and elegant, a contemporary house leans more on the modern appeal, so if you have a house with asymmetric features, this style would do. Apply a minimalist aura and forget about the heavy ornamental trims. Focus more on simple geometric shapes, natural materials, clean lines, and open windows.

  • Victorian Exterior Design

Overwhelmingly trimmed, this type of design is ideal for houses with wooden clapboard sidings, narrow windows, several rooflines, and a large porch. All you need to do is just add some intense colors for your outer paint, create elaborate decorative columns and frames, and build those high steeples. Generally, a Victorian house would always give you that gothic, classical, and beautiful air.

  • Colonial Exterior Design

A colonial inspired look entails a boxy type of house. Most often, a colonial house has its entry way in the middle, a pair of windows on each side of the door, and some more window panes on the second floor. Have your exterior style appear stately without overdoing it. Your aim should be to achieve a formal and elegant look. Usually, these homes use bricks as their medium, so you can consider having it.

  • Farmhouse Exterior Design

If you are situated in a rural setting, you are encouraged to try this out. Farmhouses are very much common in these areas, so you wouldn’t feel out of place at all. To start, your house must be located in a big chunk of open land. In styling, keep it uncomplicated and practical. Add a wide porch to secure some shade, some dormer windows, and natural elements found near your location, such as local wood and stones.