How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

For some, being stuck with a small kitchen is not something they adore. Being in such a cramped space with all the clutter and heat can really possibly turn any calm person into an irritable mess. The problem mustn’t be solely blamed on the space of the kitchen, but the general arrangement and design of the area should also be looked at. Did you know that with just a touch of right arrangement, a cramped up kitchen can look so much better? Indeed, there is nothing you can do if your kitchen doesn’t have a large area, but you can do something with how you arrange your stuff and design the space to look bigger. Creating an illusion and having specific strategies will not only eliminate your breakouts and annoyance when you bump into a pot of scalding water but also will definitely create an uplifting scene which makes cooking sessions more relaxed and enjoyable.

If you don’t know how to create this magical illusion, here’s some of our tips:

                                                                                                              Illusion Tip No. 1

Keep the Contrast Low

Don’t go crazy with the colors, and just focus on one or two accents. Although it will take a toll on your cleaning hours, it is best that you keep the colors pale or even white because it makes everything look big. Applying dark colors is a recipe for coziness. You don’t want that in your already cozy kitchen!


                                                                                                               Illusion Tip No. 2

Choose your Patterns Wisely

As much as possible, having elongated patterns on your flooring or walls must be achieved. When you place diagonal or vertical patterns, you will see that your kitchen will appear so much taller or wider. Although it doesn’t change the actual space, your perception does, so give this a try.


                                                                                                               Illusion Tip No. 3

See Through Elements

Have an airy kitchen by adding elements such as glass shelves instead of heavy wooden ones; light barstools instead of bulky chairs; and just generally add see-through objects rather than having the ones that aren’t. This gives your vision a never-ending tour because almost anything in the kitchen is translucent and open.


                                                                                                               Illusion Tip No. 4

Mirrors or Glossy Surfaces

Putting a decorative mirror or two in your kitchen will help a lot in making the area seem larger. When you have mirrors, you will create an illusion and are able to reflect the whole area which makes it look quite bigger! Add some glossy or shiny materials like sleek appliances or mirrored cabinets or some steely barstools.


                                                                                                               Illusion Tip No. 5

Hide your Things

There is nothing more irritable than a cluttered kitchen! In this tip, you are encouraged to hide your kitchen utensils, spices, plates, or anything lying around on your counter top. Keep everything neat by having a minimalist aura. The tidier your kitchen is, the larger it gets. Always remember that having it simple is the key.